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Unified Judicial Process Server, Legal Services and Process Serving

Our Services

Professional Process Serving

Are you in need of a reliable process server? Look no further! We specialize in serving legal papers and documents. Our professional process servers are trained and registered to serve legal papers and handle legal services nationwide. Our services include:

We operate in all five boroughs of New York City, New York State, and throughout the United States. We have a team of multiple process servers that can locate and serve papers to the most evasive defendants.

The team at Unified Judicial Services is one of the leading process-serving companies that deliver legal paperwork promptly and accurately. Our team ensures that your legal paperwork is filed with the court and gets the job done. We provide legal support services to law firms, corporations, and individuals.

Serving process is the legal procedure of delivering court papers or documents to the person to be served. Process servers are required to follow specific rules and regulations when delivering documents. This includes rules of civil procedure and the requirements for personal delivery. Our process servers are bonded and must follow all legal requirements when serving paperwork. We provide proof of service, including an affidavit upon completion.

We serve legal processes for all types of legal proceedings, including civil suits, foreclosure cases, divorce settlements, consumer credit notices, eviction procedures, child support disputes, paternity cases, custody battles, family offenses, and notices of claim more. Our process servers are trained to handle multiple legal actions and ensure proper service is made.

Our services include skip tracingpersonal delivery of legal paperworkprocess serving for individuals, businesses, and law firms, and delivery of documents to tenants for landlords. We also offer court filing and notary services. We keep you informed throughout the process and provide status reports.

We understand the importance of document delivery without delay and correctly, all while keeping you updated with the status of your service. That is why we ensure trustworthy document delivery for our clients. We remain devoted to providing positive service outcomes and delivering proof with a professional attitude.

If you need to serve paperwork, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced process servers are available to help you through the process.

Local Process Serving

At Unified Judicial Services, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality process service, delivery of court documents, and legal support. Our process servers have been serving documents for years, with hundreds of documents served. Our experienced and licensed process servers are registered with the state. They are trained to handle a wide range of legal proceedings, including serving legal papers and documents related to civil suits, foreclosure cases, divorce settlements, consumer credit notices, eviction procedures, child support disputes, paternity cases, custody battles, family offenses, a notice of claim, and more.

We are a professional process-serving company with a nationwide network of process servers that are registered, bonded, and trained to deliver documents with the utmost care and attention to detail. We understand the rules and regulations of jurisdictions throughout the United States and have the experience and expertise to get your paperwork served quickly and efficiently.

Our process servers are equipped to handle multiple documents and have the necessary skills to locate evasive individuals. We have years of experience serving paperwork and can save you time and hassle by completing the job properly the first time. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and provide status reports when the documents have been properly served.

We offer a wide range of legal support, including document filing with the court, notarization, substitute service, affidavit of service, and court filing. Our team of process servers and legal support professionals is dedicated to providing our clients the highest level of care.

If you need paperwork served or have any questions about the process serving, please get in touch with us today. Our team is available to answer any questions and help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s important to note that by avoiding delivery of legal papers or documents, you are only delaying the inevitable. It is in your best interest to accept the paperwork, seek legal advice if necessary, and cooperate with the legal process.

How much do your services cost?

The cost of our work, including skip tracing, serving legal documents, and other court services, varies depending on each individual case.

What is service of process? 

It is the legal procedure of delivering legal papers or documents to an individual involved in a legal matter. This may include summons and complaints, subpoenas, and other paperwork. 

Why do I need a process server?

In order to properly manage the serving of legal documents, you need a thorough understanding of document delivery rules and regulations. Hiring a professional process server ensures that the person to be served is properly notified as required by the United States Constitution and state and local jurisdiction rules and regulations.

Can I refuse papers from a process server?

In most cases, a process server is allowed to deliver paperwork to you. Refusing to accept the papers from the process server does not mean that you are no longer have a personal responsibility for the related legal action.

What keeps a process server from lying about serving papers?

Process servers must deliver papers. They are required to follow specific rules and regulations when delivering documents. If a process server lies about serving papers, they may be subject to legal consequences, such as being charged with perjury or facing civil penalties and fines.

Get in Touch

If you need to serve legal documents, or have questions about process serving, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you navigate the legal and service process and ensure your documents are properly served.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you with all of your process service needs. No matter how complex they may be. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you. At Unified Judicial Services, we are committed to helping you through the service process and providing the support you need. Call today to get started.