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Skip Tracing: What It Is and How to Find an Expert

Have you ever heard the term “skip tracing”? If not, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Skip tracing is a term used in private investigation, debt collection, and process serving. But what exactly is skip tracing, and how do you find a skip tracing expert? Let’s explore.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating someone who skips town; folks hire skip tracers when looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found.

Skip Tracing: What It Is And How To Find An Expert

Tracers are employed when someone has gone “off the grid,” and their current location cannot be found and their available last known contact information is no longer current. These individuals are often unable to be found using traditional means, such as criminal background checks, online searches, social media, and phone books. 

Professional skip tracers are often used by debt collection when a debtor has stopped making payments and their location is unknown. Skip tracing is also commonly used in private investigations to find individuals who may be hiding from the law or people searching for them.

There are other reasons for hiring a tracer, for example real estate investors may come across a property that is abandoned, or whose owners otherwise are difficult to find. The owner may have moved away without a forwarding address or they may be deceased and their heirs are unable to be found. This can be a frustrating situation for investors when traditional real estate agents are unable to find the property owner.

Hire a Skip Tracer in Brooklyn and NYC

In all five boroughs of New York City and the entire United States, skip tracing is a common practice. There are many reasons someone might need to be located in these areas, including debt collection, private investigation, and process serving. When you’re looking for a skip tracing expert in Brooklyn or NYC, there are a methods that you can attempt.

First, and foremost, reaching out to the professionals at Unified Judicial Services, either via the contact form or calling them at (718) 400-9046. Beyond that, a simple search online for your location, e.g. “skip tracing Brooklyn” or “skip tracing NYC.” When doing so, you’ll find a list of reviews and sites for professionals in your area specializing in skip tracing. Contacting a law firm or firms that specializes in finding hard to find individuals may provide other ideas.

Who Uses Skip Tracing?

Research Process Serving

Skip tracing is a process used by various professionals, including collection agencies, real estate agents, private investigators, and process servers. Debt collectors use skip tracing to find debtors who have gone into hiding to avoid paying their debts. Private investigators use skip tracing to find individuals who may be hiding from the law or from people who are searching for them. Process servers use skip tracing to find individuals who need to be served legal papers. Skip tracing is a valuable tool for these professionals, as it allows them to find people who might otherwise be difficult or impossible to find.

Types of Skip Tracing Techniques

Many different techniques skip tracers use to find individuals. Some of these techniques for locating people:

  1. Online Searches and software: Skip tracers use software along with online searches to gather information about individuals. Skip tracing tools may assist in searching social media platforms, genealogy sites, and other online databases including public and private databases.
  2. Phone Calls: Skip tracers may find phone numbers for, and call relatives, friends, or associates of the person. These phone calls may help yield information including the phone number or email address of the person or other helpful information about the subject.
  3. Surveillance: Skip tracers may use surveillance techniques like following people or monitoring their activities to gather information about their whereabouts.
  4. Database Searches: Skip tracers use a variety of databases, such as credit reporting agencies and government databases, to find individuals.
  5. Public Records Searches: Skip tracers may search public records, such as property records and court records, to gather information about an individual.

Looking to Skip Trace?

Skip Tracing: What It Is And How To Find An Expert

Skip tracing is valuable for various professionals, including debt collection agencies, and process servers. It allows them to find individuals who may need help finding using traditional means. Skip tracers use various techniques to locate individuals, including online searches, phone calls, surveillance, and database searches. If you need to find a skip-tracing expert, you must do your research and work with a licensed and reputable professional to ensure the process is legal and ethical.

Unified Judicial Services are among the best in NYC at the process of tracking down people, 

If you are in need of skip-tracing services, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits of using these services. While skip tracing can be a valuable tool for collections companies or legal proceedings, it is crucial to ensure that the skip tracer you are working with uses legal and ethical methods to locate the person you are searching for.

In conclusion, skip tracing is used to find individuals who may be difficult to find using traditional means. It is commonly used by professionals such as debt collectors, private investigators, and process servers. Skip-tracing techniques can include online searches, phone calls, surveillance, database searches, and public records searches. While skip tracing is legal when done by licensed professionals, it is important to ensure the process is legal and ethical. If you are in need of skip-tracing services, be sure to do your research and work with a reputable and licensed professional.

accounts at various public databases such as the DMV. To start a skip trace, we gather relevant information on the person of interest and add inputs. We can locate license plates, credit card activity, and other methods using our extensive database subscriptions to ensure we get to the right person.

Unified Judicial Services has a trained team of skip tracing specialists who use digital tools and databases to track down people. Therefore, we can accomplish what others may not be able to in a matter of hours.

Partner with us and increase your chances of success.

Is Skip Tracing Legal?

Skip tracing is a legal practice by licensed professionals, such as process servers, private investigators or debt collectors. However, it is essential to note that skip tracing may cross the line into illegal activity if a tracer engages in harassment, impersonation, or other illegal tactics to locate an individual. Working with a reputable and licensed tracer is important to ensure the process is legal and ethical. Skip tracing isn’t for everyone which is why it is sometimes hard to find an experienced skip tracer that you can trust. Unified Judicial Services has experience in every type of skip tracing. To learn more about skip tracing services, contact them via the contact form or calling them at (718) 400-9046.

Does skip tracing work?

Yes. Finding someone via a skip tracer can be an effective way to locate people who are trying to skip town. Professional tracers have many tools at their disposal including skip tracing software, online searches, phone calls, surveillance, database searches, and public and private records searches. While there is no guarantee that skip tracing will be successful in every case, a skilled and experienced skip tracer can often locate individuals who may be otherwise unable to locate.

How long does it take to Skip Trace?

The answer is it depends. The process of finding an individual may vary on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the case, the available information, and the techniques used by the skip tracer. It is important to remember that skip tracing is not an exact science and there are no guarantees that the individual will be found in every case. Hiring the right skip tracing companies and professionals is your best bet to locating individuals. Be sure to discuss your case with a number of skip tracers and ask for references to get an idea of how they work.

What Makes a Good Skip Tracer?

A skip tracer should have a combination of knowledge, skills, and experience to be effective in their work. Some of the key characteristics that make a good skip tracer include:
– Knowledge of Laws and Regulations: A skip tracer should have a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that govern the industry. This includes knowledge of privacy laws, debt collection laws, and other relevant legislation.
– Persistence and Creativity: Skip tracing often requires persistence and creativity in order to find individuals who may be difficult to find. A skip tracer should be able to think outside the box and use a variety of techniques to find the person.
– Strong Communication Skills: A skip tracer should have strong communication skills in order to gather information and build relationships with people who may have information about the person they are trying to find.
– Attention to Detail: Skip tracing requires attention to detail in order to gather and analyze information effectively. A skip tracer should be able to identify patterns and connections that can help them find the person.
– Knowledge of Technology: A skip tracer should have a strong understanding of technology and be able to use a variety of tools and databases to locate individuals.
– Ethics and Professionalism: A skip tracer should always operate with a high level of ethics and professionalism. They should respect the privacy of the individuals they are trying to locate, and operate within the bounds of the law.